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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Run fast.

I've finally discovered the secret to wearing simply body armour and a short sleeve shirt in winter. Prior to discovering this secret i've endured many years wearing something extra such as a fleece or hi vis jacket. The secret you ask? A t-shirt under your short sleeve shirt! It works wonders. After close inspection I saw that other colleagues have already been doing this tradition before me...it's like some kind of secret info that I was kept out of.

It works, try it!

Another way of keeping yourself warm is to either stick on the vehicle heater, if it works, or to possibly engage in a spot of foot pursuit. Speaking of foot pursuits, this is what this log is about...

"Any patrol for the last please?"

Comms finish their general shout for any patrol to attend a report of a male and female arguing on the street. I'm in with a colleague and we decide to head to the location.

"Show myself and [insert colleagues collar number here] to the last please" I offer.
"Roger thank you" comms acknowledge.

We arrive and immediately I can see a female outside an address and a male...who appears to...yep he's running away from the scene and more importantly away from us! We give chase and we're off just like the cap gun for the London marathon, all aiming to run as fast as possible. Over one fence we go, through a broken fence next and we're back out onto open road.

My colleague has clearly not been sacrificing enough time at the gym and shouts "i'll go bring the car round" running off back towards the car, i'm assuming he'll be pole vaulting over a fence again! I'm fine for stamina and i'm not tired either, and mr. moron is heading into a cul-de-sac.

At this point i'm on the radio directing further patrols to the area and also directing my colleague, who is driving our police vehicle in the background. I can hear the police vehicle's engine in the background, some wheel skidding noises, he's almost at the location! While at the same time i'm sprinting down into this badly lit cul-de-sac...and he's disappeared!

Well he couldn't have gone past me and I know he hasn't had enough time to get ahead of me...he's definitely gone to ground hiding somewhere. Colleague pulls up and he turns the engine off, while we listen for anything suspicious...and immediately I can hear some slight scuffling nearby.

The torch illuminates the area where the noise is and low and behold mr. moron is trying to scale over a garage roof. Off we go again, I manage to get there and grab the male round the hips and bring him to the floor gradually. We've detained him until we can find out what offences might have been committed and/or if he is wanted.

We check him with our communications room and he is known on our systems but not wanted by us. Another patrol has gone to the female to ascertain A - if she is ok and B - if the male has assaulted her or broken the law in some way.

Turns out the male had assaulted her and was promptly arrested, cautioned and handcuffed. He then was given 5 star accomodation at our police en-suite rooms known to many as "police custody". I think that sgt who dislikes the word "shut up" is on too...great.

A few hours of paperwork await myself and colleague now...it's a wonderful life we have sometimes eh?


Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

I bet that sgt was happy to see you again

7:24 AM  
Blogger frhe sjgg said...

Good arrest ! So the paperwork is a bummer -- and you nabbed a bad guy --- not too bad of a trade-off, overall !

Glad you had the stamina to run after him. Going to the gym matters, doesn't it ? Cardio is king when the dirtbags try to flee !

I like your blog, and have added it to my favorites and my links ! Will definitely be back to visit !

Please come visit me as well --
I have an erotic blog about a cop I love (9,500 visitors to it in 5 weeks -- yahoo!).
I think you might like the stories !

I can be found at:

Be Safe Out There !

Anne Elizabeth

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