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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tread with caution.

A little while back I was speaking with a Sgt, whom I have the utmost respect for, and we were catching up on things due to him moving to a different station on my division and one of these catch up chinwags is the result of this next post, I hope it serves caution to all those who may arrive at this situation.

We'll call the Sgt "Eric" for the purposes of the tale. Eric's officers were all tied up in custody as all of them had locked up and would be busy for a couple of hours at least when a report of a prowler in a back garden came through the radio. Eric, being not much of an office dweller, shouted up he would go to the job as all of his officers were tied up.

Eric opens his filing cabinet draw and takes out his body armour, utility belt with appointments and gets kitted up. The Sgt's car keys are taken off the hook and out he flies to the address. Cut to a full search of the back garden, of the area and a negative result; Eric is now in the address talking to the female who phoned the job in.

"So what time do you finish?" she asks, clearly not one bit bothered about the supposid "prowler" now.
"7 in the morning" Eric replies realising she is acting flirty
"Why don't you take off that body armour and have a drink with me?" she continues
"Sorry i'm on duty" he defends
"What about after?" she responds
Eric said the female was slim, blonde, mid 20s and very good looking, however his engaged fiance was more important to him so he declined saying he was engaged but flattered for the offer.

Eric then offers safety advice in case there was a prowler, which obviously he's doubting at this stage, and then heads back to the station. I'll bet some reading this might be tempted to have taken her up on her offer after work? Well here's the twist...Eric is curious about this female and he puts her details into the local intel system. Intel revealed that she was famous for making allegations against police most notably sexual allegations...

The people we serve eh?


Blogger frhe sjgg said...

Not everyone is a dirtball. Too bad she was.

Be safe Out There.

Anne Elizabeth

9:16 AM  
Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

bloody hell - close one

1:33 PM  

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