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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I was browsing through google trying to find a suitable alcoholic style picture for a work night out i'm planning when I came across the following picture seen on the left. Obviously to protect the little "angels" i've blocked out their faces (but you'll notice i've kept the smile bit in).

What is wrong with our country? That is something I really have to ask myself more and more thesedays. Every human being, agency, organisation, situation, legislation and service is political, in fact politics is why we see this picture today of our youth getting drunk underage and causing a nuisance.

For this blog i'd just like to discuss this picture which shows some awful sights. Firstly we see a littered can in the background, next we see a male just out of shot probably acting as the "lookout" for the cops. Secondly we can clearly see these kids are boozing off big bottles of alcohol - one each. Thirdly it's daylight and finally they're well under the age.

The youth of today really have a warped view on childhood. They assume getting drunk every weekend is all part and parcel of "having a laugh". When I was a kid I used to watch superman, wrestling and the incredible hulk on tv. I remember when fireman sam and thomas the tank engine were amazing to kids and I was lucky if I got the odd bottle of pop on a weekend.

Now we have kids as young as 12 getting drunk in our parks, car parks and on the streets. I really have to ask why the hell is this happening? Why does a lot of my time get spent on chasing youths around the town who run away at the sight of a police vehicle because they are in posession of alcohol? Why are the shops selling them to children? Why is the government just pushing this problem into the "anti-social" bracket and brandishing it off as a police problem?

This certainly is a government and parental problem and not a police one. Surely we can argue since everything has become political, this country has become crap. You wouldn't see youths doing this or behaving in this manner in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or even early 90s really. Look at how many decades that is compared to now? What was different? It's quite simple - the rules were different, authority was respected and the government had humans working in it and not monkeys who are not in touch with real life. We should stop adhering to the liberal European rules, scrap the human rights act and apply common sense to those who break our laws or cause decent people misery in some way.

We've all most likely been there when Mr and Mrs. Bloggs phone up because there's a large group of youths sat outside their house making loud noises and causing general annoyance. We shout up we'll attend and as soon as we turn the corner, the youths are off like a rocket down alleyways, across fences and over back walls leaving a couple of lookouts left until we go. We then result it as youths made off, advised the rest of the party and told the informant that we'll be in the area.

Shortly afterwards, the youths return and the game starts again. Later we arrive again but this time they've drank their alcohol and they're abusive towards us. We lock up a few for public order offences or drunk and disorderly depending on the circumstances, and that ties us up for an hour or so, away from the streets and away from possibly fighting real crime for those who pay taxes.

As we cart off a few, the others have again done their dissapearing act and return to cause further havock because their friends were taken away. Wing mirrors off cars get smashed, car tyres are slashed, fighting between youths start and various other moronic crimes take place. Our other colleagues turn up, the youths again run off or get taken to custody.

The result? Slap on the wrists for the youths (who brag about it the weekend after), paperwork for the cops, no man power for the sergeants, no peace for the residents and their dread of next friday/saturday night when the game begins again.



Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Pain in the arse. You can look at it from a MOP point of view . .
This Blog Here

6:14 AM  
Blogger AntiSocialWatch said...

Hell fire, I read your post and thought you must be a copper on my street! This is exactly the type of crap we have to deal with regularly. I know its not major crime, I know that rapes, murders and muggings come before all this stuff. I also realise that some of the stuff is petty on its own but when added up into the bigger picture, its all stuff that affects your life.....pain in the arse type stuff.
great post!

4:32 AM  
Blogger Honest Uncle said...

Over to you...

Waiting for you to resume...

2:49 AM  
Blogger Annette said...

I totally agree with you. Where are the parents? What are they doing? Getting drunk themselves?

I have always thought that some mothers had their children far to young.A friend of mine accidently fell pregnant when she was only 17. She married the father but that didn't last long. She met another man and they were very happy for a number of years in fact they still are.
One day I started to talk to her about school, etc. She went quiet and then said:"Y'know when I fell pregnant I thought it was going to be so easy.It turned out to be the hardest thing I have ever done. If I could turn the clock back I never would have had her.I do love her, but you were all out every weekend, enjoying yourselves when I had to stay in and look after her.I felt like an old granny but I was the same age as you."

I'm sure many others would say the same, that's why I believe that when the children get to about 13 or 14 years old the parents just let them go to give them a rest and they can start to go out and enjoy themselves.

I do not know what the answer is.....apart from making sure you don't get pregnant in the first place!

9:28 AM  
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